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 On December 18, 2009 members of the group met with Chief Meteorologist, Stephan Parr of KSLA Channel 12 in Shreveport. Their commitment to working as a TEAM to help all local areas to continue aiding accurate on-scene information to one another during any and all disasters such as the tornado which hit the Ark-La-Tex area in November 2009, damaging many rural areas in Bossier Parish. ON- SCENE assistance to all county and state agencies were there to help secure the Barron Road Area in Keithville to help safely get help to stranded home owners trapped by the flooded homes.

With"on-scene" assistance, officers from the "Healing Spirits Ranch and Rescue, Inc." helped feed information to local Fire and Law Enforcement of needs through Channel 12 of the home owners in the area they were acting as staging officers. Local residence came to them to notify of any emergencies, professional medical staff needed transportation to the hospitals for working the emergency that were trapped inside the flooded zone, those who needed health or medical care. During that recent flooding event, local members of the group responded and were assisting officers from the local sheriff office to not only to help slow down vehicles that were traveling through the area in four wheel drives at fast paces that made wakes from their vehicles that were damaging homes, but also were working with local fire agencies and officers of Wildlife and Fisheries. Their continued updates to Stephen Parr by cell phone to let the news crew stay in safe conditions, and funnel the information to Red Cross and Emergency Operations Management Director when an emergency occurred in that area, which helped in manpower from all other agencies involved.

These two pictures above shown those who live in the area of Station II in Keithville, LA that FLOODS can be a major problem from a strong thunderstorm and has a tornado wrapped in it. They are pictures of us on-scene Mutual AId to Station 6/ Keithville VFD and other fire departments managing the traffic that was drowning out near-by mobile home park by sight seeing four wheel drive vehicles travelling way too fast through this dangerous waters where we even saw a few creaters.... like one drowned cat, and a small crock swimming down the stream looking for dinner and just as scared as those who saw him or her. We didn't have the time to verify if it was a male or female...

UPDATE: June 26, 2010... received a call(text message) from a Explorer Member of Healing Spirits Ranch and Rescue, Inc., who is the grand daughter of Jane Holcomb, our new members was found at home, alone, and no way to contact help because she couldn't move, and could not breathe due to her C.O.P.D. was in full action. Jordan, did not panic seeing her grandmother severely suffering from the pain, and contacted H.S.R.R. Office by texting in the condition to the office, and on duty on the radar watch was Danny Kennedy, the founder.

He followed his trained experience of dealing with being a Fire Captain, and immediately dispatched the Texas State Police on the 911 in progress on the internet in their location. After full information was called into them through Shreveport 911 dispatch, the call went out to the right location within minutes. The patient was transported to the closest hospital, which our protocol is always follow up on a patient human or animal, and was greeted by the medical staff of that hospital in very fast, and very professional care to the members of our staff. WE APPRECIATE ALL the staff of the Hospital, EMT/Paramedics who came to their urgent need. We also THANK Caddo Parish 911 Dispatch Center for their great help as well. "WELL DONE EVERYONE", including the fine staff of the Texas State Police as well. We SALUTE YOU ALL. >

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Below are pictures of friends from FACEBOOK (Wynonna Judd and friends) that share our feelings about animals, and the threats of these storms besides the wild fires that have storms within themselves.

Next few pictures are "Rescue call to action" of an injured horse that needed medical attention from running through neighbors barbed wire to win over a couple girlfriends he liked down the road.

Above, our Treasurer Nancy Jane Holcomb is keeping him calmed down as we get medication sauves for his cuts, and treating his skinned hooves. He was 'usually' mever that close to ANYONE but Danny, but since he was genuinely hurt from his own careless dating ideas, he didn't mind "Momma Jane" tending some attention at all. In fact, he kinda nuzzled up to BOTH girls for close to an hour as they massaged his neck, back, and sore thighs which was shocking to BOTH girls.

THESE PICTURES are for the 'average' farmer who has animals who may be a bit mislead on proper horse care. Those who tie a horse to a pole, structure, or a tree can face a LARGE medical bill to save an animal's life if they DO NOT USE proper care and wisdom of caring for a Stallion and horses expecting. These horses have the same natural desires as humans (as Commander Kennedy puts it echoed by lots of Vets who say the same thing). They have egos in Stallions, same as the average 19 year old cowboy or younger. They will do ANYTHING to satisfy their need too, so you have to bare with that, and "THINK SMART" in advance of Stallions.

Make Sure...

their stalls, corrals, and even fenced in pastures are ALWAYS no more than 15 feet pole to pole, make sure ALL Cattle Type fencing is at least 4.5 feet high or higher and no more than 9" off the ground where the fencing is connected to the posts or metal poles.

ALWAYS try to seperate the Stallions from maers who may become or are in heat. That could cause severe stress to both the horses, and equal to the ranch owner in damages to the property of their own, their neighbors, or even cause a serious vehicle accident due to NOT TAKING THESE suggestions seriously. In some states, the "owner" can be legally held responsible if the animal continues to break freedom (including cattle) and are involved or causes a vehicle accident.

The GOOD LEARNING PART of this is... think just as smart as your horse or cattle. Know their weakness is simular as ours, and help them from issues that hurt someone by taking precautions.

These "lovable" and so historically beautiful animals is our heritage. Let's "TEAM UP" and protect them all, DOMESTIC or WILD, they all deserve to know our compassion and genuine caring feelings NOW before they suffer anymore than they have already.

Remember, we rescued Smokey from running into the paths of traffic on U.S. Highway 315 in Rusk County over a year ago at Christmas Time. I personally took that as a "mission" to save his life because of his compassion and magnetic personality besides his beauty. So has Jane and Terri among a lot that has seen him in action, running down the road, and leaping fences. He is remarkable in ability, yet has a very warm attraction to those who show no fear, but tons of love and respect for him. THESE PICTURES prove it too.

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Above, Commander Kennedy immediately jumped to treating "Smokey" when Lt. Jane Holcomb and Lt. Commander Dean saw that he was tangled in the training lines, then couldn't walk. That was also the ideal time to treat the wounds he managed to get from removing the gate the day before and ran through some barbed wire fences to get away from trucks on the highway when he escaped times before.

Below is Jane helping with keeping him calm while Danny (Commander Kennedy) managed to get the antibiotic meds and sauve to treat his sore hooves.  

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