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NOTE: Our Office is open for Emergencies 24/7/52 (Rural Fire Rescue Mutual Aid/HAZMAT Evacuation Emergencies/Emergency Animal Rescue and Storm Warning Monitors) and often operating on weather related missions as Weather Warn stations for local rural agriculture members and fellow county-wide/state-wide Fire Rescue Departments and Law Enforcement.

This singer, writer, performing family is so outstanding in writing and singing this and many motivational songs that often inspires us daily. We hope with us sharing these songs from her and others also inspires our viewers.

Gloria Estefan - Reach (The 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony)

Gloria Estefan performs "Reach" at the Atlanta Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony 1996.Gloria's new album "The Standards" featuring "The Day You Say You Love Me", "What a Wonderful World", "Eu Sei Q...

Those interested in submitting an application as a listed active member of the National Listing, please print the following pages, and after filling them out as complete as possible, attach a copy of your current drivers license, current vehicle insurance card, and copy(s) of all the certifications in your past accomplishments you have we may have your permission to include in your interview and add to your personal file when we evaluate your application during the next possible Executive Board Meeting. All those who are/are not approved will be notified my either email, or U.S. Mail to the current mailing location submitted in the received application. THANK YOU SO MUCH for being interested in becoming one of our members, and we look forward to meeting you soon.

 Once you print each page above, simply hand-fill out by printing in BLACK INK please, then send the completed forms by email as attachements to:

"OR".... simply enclose a copy of your current drivers license, a copy of your current Vehicle Insurance Identification, and a copy of all the certificates of Completion of training you have already.... and MAIL THEM to us at:

"Healing Spirits Ranch and Rescue, Incorporated"

Attention: Executive Board of Directors

 One of our musical "Inspirations" for facing every day Challenges we face volunteering our devoted time is this song from the Founder's List of "Favorite Artists". In 2005 when the founder was in a 7 week deep coma from a very serious ATV accident which nearly killed him... he had this "Dream" of having successfully obtained enough property to relocate all the unwanted Mustangs from the northern states that BLM mistreated, and nearly 5000 domestic horses people left abandoned from another Hurricane that copied Katrina. This awesome lady, Gloria Estefan and her family anxiously wanted to dedicate this song at our OPEN HOUSE Celebration as he, a few others rode horseback up to the crowd in the big pasture with none other than "Willie Nelson" who also inspires us to do more to help and care for these horses, not just talk about it! We proudly share this awesome video of the song that inspires us as volunteers and Fire Fighters....

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