"I am an American Soldier to the end. I will fight for you! I will fight for your rights, and the Constitution of our country I love to my sole. I will fight for your freedom, and the respect and care for our heritage... the horses that are our tradition of soldiers. Our K-9 soldiers too. For the power GOD blessed me with will never die trying, but doing!" Daniel Kennedy, Founder of Healing Spirits Ranch and Rescue, Inc. 07/17/2014
"We are a special group of Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement Officers and everyday Caretakers of animals, large and small domestic and wild animal lovers who deeply care for animals".

Healing Spirits Ranch and Rescue Inc. is NOT a division of Department of Homeland Security Division or directly employed by them, BUT a professional TEAM SUBCONTRACTED AS A "GOVERNMENT SERVICE AGENCY", and is certified by their requirements as a "contractor agency" as a National Disaster Response Group, specializing in Animal rescue in Disaster Rescues, trained to work well with all Emergency Operations Management levels as C.E.R.T.
WE ARE listed as a "COPYRIGHT " Corporation U.S.A., which includes the name, reports, mission statements, all documents that contain the name, and use of the name, initials, abbreviation, and ranks of officers, Bylaws which are subject to legally change and the Articles of the Corporation. All those who use the name or materials of the name of the Corporation without written permission signed by the founder and all Board of Directors are subject to legal civil and criminal consequences by expedition.


The picture above is that of Jerry Floyd, one of our Safety Instructors/Rescue Trainers; he is also the son of one of our Honorary Board Members, who now is President of "Anderson Slings".



Where Disaster Strikes, We Will Respond"

STORMS LIKE THESE... often break down fences in rural America, start stampedes of cattle, horses, sheep, goats,  ALL KINDS of large animals. When this happens, we find we are called upon and are a BIG HELP to local Law Enforcement AND Fire Rescue as Mutual Aid, and welcome contracted agreements with any county or state agency to provide that service. It comes so often at times of these storms to smaller communities that have these conditions with low man power during the night time when extra man power may be needed.

The Anderson Sling/Veterinary Sling
The Anderson Sling and frame were developed for veterinary use to support the large skeletal structure of your horse when in need of recovery or rehabilitation. It also has a unique 4 point face mask / halter system designed to control and support the head. The animal has a remarkable tolerance and acceptance to the sling, often falling asleep during recovery and rehabilitation. This also holds true of the optional leg supports.   It is just what the doctor ordered, built to last ....and made to perform!
Some uses, by a veterinarian, would be supporting neurologically impaired animals and large animals with limb fractures that need full body support to limit weight bearing. Also weak or debilitated animals needing support during convalescence from other muscular skeletal or medical conditions during recovery.
The Anderson Sling has been successfully used in air rescue situations where the horse must be safely and effectively restrained and suspended for transport to safety.
The Anderson Sling has a range of optional components to enhance the rescue and veterinary rehabilitation of your large animal. Leg Supports, training strap and corner straps have been designed to compliment the rescue/recovery sling.      
Color coded attachment points at the frame and on the Sling create a "user friendly" apparatus for quick and easy installation for veterinary, rescue and recovery use . 
The rescue/rehabilitation sling is manufactured in large, medium, small and pony sizes to fit a large range of animals with a lightweight metal frame for correct distribution of weight.  The same frame is used for all four sizes.
What size do you need? Large - approx. 1100 lbs and up,    Medium - approx. 800 to 1100 lbs,    Small - approx 400 to 800 lbs,   Pony - medium foal to 400 lbs. 
Call today 707-743-1300  ** All sizes in stock.



 E-mail Headquarters at: FIRE_RESCUE_HORSES@yahoo.com  for more information.
Healing Spirits Ranch and Rescue, Incorporated is a Non-Profit/ Tax Exempt - Tax Deduction for donations of all denominations of U. S. Currency.
Proud supporters of all 

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